Rochow Museum, Reckahn Castle

Reason for the people

Von Rochow was far ahead of his time. In a multi-channel audio production, the visitor finds himself in the midst of a passionate discussion about educational reforms between Prince Leo-pold III Friedrich-Franz von Anhalt-Dessau, Minister Karl Abraham von Zedlitz and the von Rochow couple.
In addition to his commitment as an educational reformer, von Rochow also played an im-portant role in testing and implementing new forms of cultivation in agriculture. The media production of the farmers’ talks provides an insight into the world of thought of the farmer friend Friedrich Eberhard von Rochow.
The Rochow Museum is one of twenty institutions in the new federal states, which has been awarded the title of “cultural memorial site of national importance” and was included in the Blue Book of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Client: Museumsverband Brandenburg
Service: production of 4 audio and video productions: media concept, direction, editing, voice recordings, sound design, mixing, planning and installation of media technology