The animated film pioneer Hans Fischerkoesen

Sachsenhausen National Memorial

In the cellar of the former camp kitchen of the Russian special camp Sachsenhausen, wall paintings have been preserved which the German animated film maker Hans Fischerkoesen made during his imprisonment in 1945-48. Hans Fischer, who named himself after his birth town Bad Koesen, was imprisoned after the war because of his work for the High Command of the Wehrmacht in the special camp.
A film produced for the Sachsenhausen Memorial portrays the animated film pioneer Fischerkoesen, who was already considered the “German Disney” in the 1930s and rose to become one of the most successful advertising film producers in West Ger-many after the Second World War.

Client: Stiftung Brandenburgische Gedenkst├Ątten
Service: film production: concept, direction, archive research, shooting, editing, sound design, voice recording, mixing, media technology planning